Explain the client create, delete and copy?

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  • We can create a client using the transaction SCC4. Mention the client name with the appropriate selection.

Note that SAP delivers the software with standard clients 000 and 001. You may not work in client 000, but may use client 001. However, SAP recommends that you begin SAP System implementation by creating a new client as a copy of client 000.

  • To Copy a client
    • A local client copy copies between clients within the same SAP System.
    • A remote client copy allows you to copy between clients in different SAP Systems.You can use a remote client copy to, for example, transport client-dependent as well client-independent Customizing data between SAP Systems.
    • A remote client copy proceeds in the same way as a local copy, but sends the data through a remote function call (RFC) connection to the target client.
    • A remote client copy is easy to use, and does not require file system space on operating system level.
    • The limitations of a remote client copy are as follows:

ü A remote client copy does not create a file at operating system level, so there is no "hard copy" of the client to be copied. Therefore, the same, identical client copy cannot be duplicated at a later date.

  • To delete a client from within SAP System:
    • Log on to the client to be deleted.
    • Use the menu option use Transaction code SCC5 or from the SAP System initial screen choose Tools _ Administration _ Administration _ Client admin _ Special functions _ Delete client.
    • Start the deletion of the client, preferably using background processing.
    • When you delete a client entry from table T000 with client maintenance (Transaction SCC4), you can no longer log on to the client or update it using change requests. The deletion process, however, does not eliminate the data belong to the client. This means the client-dependent data remains in your SAP System, occupying space in the database. Therefore, to eliminate an SAP client entirely, that is, to delete both the client and the client-dependent data, use the client delete functionality (Transaction SCC5).
    • Deleting a client entry with client maintenance (Transaction SCC4) allows you to temporarily lock the client. The deletion procedure preserves the data for the client but prevents users from logging on to the client or accessing the data belonging to the client. To restore the client and allow logon, recreate the client entry using client maintenance.
    • The amount of time required for the deletion of a client can be reduced by performing the deletion using parallel processes.
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Can we use transaction SCC5 to delete unwanted productive client in production system?.

Can the users work on one client while other client deletion is in progresss?. Means is the production system downtime required during client deleteion?.

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