What is a client copy?

Wednesday, May 21, 200814comments

A client copy does not "generate a new system". It is used to transferinformation between clients within the same system or to another system atthe same release and db level.

Procedure to create:
If it is a fresh installation, do this --

1. SCC4 --> Create client no. and fill other details.

2. Logon to the newly created client with SAP* and PASS as password.

3. SCCL --> choose any profile (preferably SAP_ALL), source client 000 and target client .

4. Preferably do a test run initially to check if it can go well.

5. As a care check space in databases.

You can do Client copies remotely or do an export/import of data. Please study the dependancies of client dependant/independant data rel.notes.
Export: If you need to do a full client copy and database is more than 50 or 60gb, the import may tae little long time. Export of the full data can be done with SAP_ALLprofile in Source system. SCC4 >> Export the data with required profiles. It will create data and cofiles under os level. (usr/sap/trans/data, cofiles).The export may take of 8 to 20 hrs dependts on data.The import may take several days based on the size of the data. You need to set some parameters before you start the import. After the succefull import you need to do post processing for client copy with request in scc8.

It depends upon what method you want to do client copy.
If you say remote client copy, i will suggest you against it because it takes hell lot of time to do client copy and any break for a moment in network connection will cause failure in client copy.If you are exporting the client then as such there is no problem, just remember the sequence in which you import the three (or two) transport requests.AND, keep enough free space in Tablespaces of Target server
Procedure :
1.Check Sufficeint space at OS level to keep extracted data from source client

2.Export the client using following path or scc8Tools (r) Administration (r) Administration (r) Client Admin. (r) Client Transport (r) Client Export. Select the data to be copied using a profile. (if u wnat client specific and cross client data use profile sap_expc). before importing ensure that all table spaces have enough sapce for this check source system table spaces and allocate table space accordingly)

3.Now create new client in target system

4.now import those requests in target client using stms or scc6

5.Now perform post processingTools (r) Administration (r) Administration (r) Client administration (r) Client transport(r) Import editing

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