SAP Test system refresh activity

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SAP Test system refresh activity.

Follow the below steps for SAP test system refresh activity from Production server backup.

1. Take the relevant screenshot of system
STMS,SCC4,SM59,SAP standard jobs,DB13,SLICENSE,CCMS settings,SPAD

2. Import the SPAD settings

3. Take the offline backup of production system

4. Take the backup of backSID.log,*.aft and initSID.ora of production and test server

5. Lock users in Test system

6. Take offline backup of test system

7. Open client in test server : SCC4

8. Export the client for profile SAP_USER in test server. Keep test system as target server

9. Take the trace of control file on both the Test and production server

10. Stop the SAP instance and sap services

11. Note down the Schema users existing presently in the system.
SQL> select user name from dba_users;

12. Shutdown the database

13. Copy last offline backup log file(*.aft) from production system to test server

14. edit the *.aft log file as per test server
change SID from prdoduction to test server SID, check ORA-HOME directory

15. Now restore the backup
brrestore –c –m full –b XXX.aft

16. Connect to oracle as sqlplus /nolog, connect /as sysdba and type startup Nomount.

17. Edit the controlfile of Prod. Change all production SID to test SID and NORESETLOGS TO RESETLOGS.

17. Use the edited controlfile of Prod to recreate the control file of Test
SQL> @Cntrl.sql
SQL>shutdown immediate;

18. SQL> Alter database open RESETLOGS.

19. Create new OPS$ADM using the below command.
I:\scripts>sqlplus /nolog @ORADBUSER.sql SAPSID NT DOMAIN SID (IF SIDADM is local user then give the host name in the place of Domain Name)

20. After this run the script sapdba_role to set proper right for OPS$ user IDs.
>sqlplus /nolog @sapdba_role.sql

21. Check whether SAPSR3P (schema owner) account has been locked or not:
select username,account_status from dba_users where username=”SAPPCE”;

22. If it is locked use this command to unlock it:
alter user SAPPCE account unlock;

23. Start the SAP application.

POST Processing Steps:

24. Update the license
Logon to SAP with DDIC-client 000; update the license key through the transaction SLICENSE.

25. check the consistency
Go to transaction SICK for checking the consistency of the system.

26. check the local host entry
Go to transaction SE37 and execute BPT_LOCAL_HOSTNAME_CHECK to check for the hostname entry.

27. Change the STMS configuration and perform post installation activity
Now go to transaction SE06 to perform post installation activities

28. Reconfiguring STMS

29. Login into DCE client 000 with DDIC , goto transaction STMS.

30. Schedule the standard jobs

Go to transaction SM36 and click on the button “Standard jobs” to schedule the standard jobs defined for the system.

31. Import the user master of test server
Goto the STMS and import the user master request

32. Close the client

33. Changing the client description.

34. Import profiles of active Server using RZ10.

35. Delete incorrect instances defined in RZ04, create correct instances and assign Operation modes for the same

36. Change the logical system name

37. Take an OFFLINE backup of the Test system and release the system to the users.

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