Importanat database command : BRTOOL and BRBACKUP

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Querying tape Required :
brbackup -q
brarchive -q

Initialising tape:
brbackup -c -i force -v / SCRATCH

brarchive -c -i force -v / SCRATCH

Database Backup
brbackup -c -m all -t online -a -c -cds For Online Database

brbackup -c -m all -t online_cons -a -c -cds For Online consistent backup (Database + Archive Logs)

brbackup -c -m all -t offline -a -c -cds For Offline backup

Archive Log Backup
brarchive -c -cds Archive Log Backup with Copy ,delete & Save
brarchive -c -sd Archive Log backup with Save & Delete

Queryng Tape No. present inside Tape Drive
brbackup -i show
Restoring Offline Backup from Tape brrestore –c –m all –b <.aft file>

*.aft file for that particular backup will be at path : oracle\SID\sapbackup\<.aft>
Forcefully Ending the backup
1 Execute DB02 TCode
2 Go to Current Sizes
3 Read the Tablespace name whose backup status is 'ACTIVE'
4 Telnet of the Server / Take Dameware of server & goto command prompt
5 sqlplus /nolog
6 conn /as sysdba
7 Fire following command
alter tablespace end backup;
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February 20, 2012 at 12:05 AM

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